Chicken and Bacon Spaghetti Carbonara

An easy Italian recipe

This is a great dish because of its variety of ingredients and how easy it is to bring together. With a little bit of technical know how, this can be a great dish. This is all about the eggs, cream and cheese mixture and not making the eggs scrambled but with enough heat to keep the dish warm.

I have not been around for a while due to work and travelling to Africa.

Lets get started.


2 Cloves of Garlic

1 breast of chicken

3 rashers of smokey bacon

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of double cream

About 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

A splash of olive oil

A sprinkle of oregano

A serving or two of spaghetti



Here, the amount that you need will be determined by the amount of pasta you add. You can add more pasta for more people, and sometimes you do not need to add to the sauce. But generally if you want to share it out with a few more people then you can add another egg to make the sauce go further.

Start by chopping the garlic.

Make sure that you chop it up well.


Next we place some water in a pan.


We add a little salt.


Then turn on the heat and bring to the boil.

While we are waiting for this to heat up, chop the chicken into thin strips.


We want the chicken to cook pretty quickly when we add it to the pan. Next cut the fat off the bacon.


Chop this up into strips too. By this time the water in the pan will have come to a boil and you can add the pasta.


Now we have prepared all of the ingredients, its time to cook the meats. Add a little olive oil to a wok.


Turn the wok on high and when the oil is warm, turn it down a little. Add the garlic.


Immediately add the chicken and keep stirring.


Make sure the garlic does not burn. Once the chicken has a light cooked coating on the outside you can add the bacon.


Stir these up until they are nearly cooked. Add the oregano and some black pepper.  When the chicken is cooked, take off the heat.


Obtain 2 eggs and a small amount of cream


Break the eggs and add the cream and beat with a fork.


Add some pepper.


Put this to one side and grate some Parmesan cheese.


Add the cheese to the egg mixture. By this time the pasta should be nearly cooked.


When it is finished, drain the water from the pasta. Turn the heat back on and set to low on the wok. Add the egg mixture.


Add the spaghetti.


Stir enough so that the sauce covers all of the pasta. Do not turn the heat too high or the egg will scramble.

When you are happy, serve and enjoy.




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