I am a man who loves food, loves cooking and loves to create dishes. Cooking is something I do to relax, to entertain and to experiment.

I learned to cook from my mom. She was the original inspiration for being independent in the kitchen. I believe that with the right motivation you can create what you desire, and this is something which has helped me in the kitchen throughout my life.

My food ventures have taken me to different countries around the world which have given me insights on how food is used in different cultures, and has provided me with different flavours which I can use within my food.

I am by no means a chef, and cooking is my hobby. I cook for friends and family who have complimented my food over the years. It is because of this reason I thought I would share some of the recipes and techniques which I use.

My Kitchen

When I look at a cooking program either on TV or on the internet they tend to have a similar setup. An island with a hob, ample space for chopping ingredients up, sometimes a sink, and sometimes an oven. Towards the back, there is another oven, another sink, a fridge freezer or 2, more space, more cupboards with enough implements to run a restaurant.

I don’t have a kitchen worth £50,000. I live in the real world and I have to make use of my kitchen layout which is quite common in the UK.


As you can see there is nothing special about this kitchen, but it has all of the items I need to create the food I love. A gas cooker (I hate electric hobs), a dishwasher, a microwave, a grill, a fridge and freezer and a cooker hood. I own 3 chopping boards, 2 sets of knives, a Kenwood chef food mixer and I do not own a pizza cutter.

In this kitchen I cook cakes, bread, pasta, Asian food, Italian food, Spanish food and from time to time I make some fruit smoothies. I try to stick to a relatively balanced meal plan. Lots of fruit and vegetables, yogurt, fish, limited red meat, chicken and chocolate 🙂